A small update 

CNN mining is growing up fast! We have been joined by a larger number of users from around the world. Thank you for your trust!

The value of Bitcoin is growing, the market is coming to life. At the moment, we are at the important lines of $8000. The revenue of our first users is growing exponentially. However, the cost of equipment changes regularly. In such circumstances, we try to constantly update the price on the site to provide our customers with the most up-to-date price list. 

Because new customers are constantly coming to the market, some of our data centres are full. Full. So, for example, hosting in Tyumen and objects in Irkutsk are already occupied and right now they are being upgraded to accommodate even more capacity. In the coming weeks, the work will be completed and we will resume hosting in these regions again. At the moment, the capacity in Chelyabinsk is free, so this site remains a key one. 


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